Specializing in Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hand Therapy
  • Hand Therapy

    Specialized one on one rehab for our patients with a client centered approach

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  • Sports Therapy

    We treat athletes from all backgrounds. From college level to professional players. Please visit our sports sections to read about some of our players

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  • Musicians Injuries

    From Violinists to Pianist to Harp players, who present with repetitive stress injuries to dystonia.

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  • Arthritis Management

    We treat problems related to:

    • Rheumatoid
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Psoiratic
    • Gouty arthritis etc.

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  • Repetitive stress Training

    We treat all upper extremity repetitive stress injuries. We perform:

    • Ergonomic assessment
    • Work conditioning
    • Functional Capacity Evaluations etc.

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  • Custom Splinting

    We fabricate orthotics on your arm. So it is customized to you. These could be:

    • Static for support
    • Dynamic to move or
    • Static progressive to get ROM

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  • Carpal Tunnel and Tendonitis with pregnancy

    Patients may present with carpal tunnel during pregnancy and tendonitis of the thumb post partum

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  • After Radical Mastectomy

    Shoulder ROM can get affected after breast cancer surgery. We can help prevent problems associated with this surgery

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  • Latest Modalities

    We use the latest and the best modalities used by most professional sports teams like Sharks and 49ers

    • Cold Laser
    • Electric Stimulation
    • Heat / Ice Therapy
    • Ultrasound
    • H-Wave

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  • Insurances Accepted

    • PPO's
    • Medicare
    • Workers Compensation
    • Cash pay

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